1. Cut a strip of paper/card and wrap it around your wrist, under your palm.
2. Make sure the paper/card is fitted to get your exact size. Mark exactly where the paper/card ends.
3. Cut off the extra. (optional step)
4. Measure in Centimeters (Cm), in decimal points. Ex: 16.5cm








    A.  PERFECT FIT:   [ Extra 0 - 0.5cm ]
    B.  RELAX FIT:   [ Extra 1 - 2cm ]
    So if your WRIST SIZE is 16.5cm:
    Buy size 16.5 - 17cm, for a Perfect Fit.
    Buy size 17.5 - 18.5cm, for a Relax Fit


    *Different designs have different size. We're the only brand using this method to ensure the best fit for Every customer.
    *Designs might vary by a few millimeter, due to different manufacturing process.
    *For EXTRA large/small sizes, kindly state your wrist size in the Notes section when purchasing, or text us in INSTAGRAM. with the Design & wrist size.


    Good luck finding the perfect pair :)