Every piece is design with utmost care to bring you the products we have today. To keep your jewelry in it’s best condition, here are some extra-care tips:


Metal & gold care:

  • Metals with gold plating or any colored coating are extremely strong and will last for years to come. To ensure that their plating last forever, we recommend to avoid constant contact with chemicals(perfume/showering) & avoid wearing them during heavy sweating activities such as sports.
  • Metals without plating, in their original steel color will not change at all. Won't rust & are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid pulling too hard on the elastics & strings, as it will promote micro tears.
  • We provide Free restring services for our elastics. Kindly text us on instagram @valiant.beads for more info.


Tips for cleaning:

  • Lightly rinse & wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid intense chemical & heavy scrubbing.
  • For detailed designs, you can brush it with a soft-tip toothbrush.
  • Note to be extra gentle for metals with gold or colored plating. 


Tips for storing:

  • All jewelry comes with a Valiant jewelry box. For you to keep when not in use.
  • For travel, you may use a small cloth pouch. Recommended to have one for each piece of jewelry to avoid the metals from clashing.